a swaying heart Bvlgari Jewelry cheap sale

What is lost is not just the ring – they fell in love three years ago, and later he is going to study in Japan. One day before he left, he put a ring on her finger and said that he would come back to see her next spring, if she would like to see him, on February 14th, wait for the date they often date. Under the tree. He said, don’t lose the ring. On an autumn day, she lost the ring he sent. She promised that he would wear it all the time, but in a twinkling of an eye… She was a noble and perfect girl, and her mood was extremely lost after she lost the ring. The second year, he really came back. On February 14, the most important date in her life, she did not have the courage to go to the appointment. But she couldn’t help but let her friends go and see him. The friend had never seen him. When he came back, he said that he saw a boy in a windbreaker standing under the tree, holding a red rose in his hand, listening to her crying wet pillow. After dinner, she walked aimlessly on the street, and unwittingly went under the tree. Suddenly he saw the tree and leaned against a boy. Her heart leaped wildly and her feet walked involuntarily toward the boy. It’s him! The rose in his hand was handed to her. He said, ‘I know you will come bvlgari b zero replica rings.’ She asked: ‘If I don’t come?’ He replied with a smile: ‘Then I will come again next year.’ She never answered. Over the rose. When she turned away, she heard him asking behind her: ‘The ring, are you still there?’ ‘Sorry, I lost it.’ She didn’t dare to look at his expression. Since then, she has never seen him again. In a blink of an eye, a few years later, she heard the news that he was getting married. ‘I love you.’ This sentence has been put on hold in her heart for several years, but she can’t tell him personally. A few years ago, in front of the internship lathe, she lost not only the ring he sent, but also the left hand. Feeling: Love will produce a lot of beautiful misunderstandings, these misunderstandings will make love go away forever! Passionate love will make you have a swaying heart Bvlgari Jewelry cheap sale, so that you can not calmly deal with the things you encounter, you can say that you are blinded by love. It is difficult for you to see each other’s unspeakable secrets. Love is beautiful, who wants to break this dream? When your lover has done something that hurts you, you have to calm down and think about whether the other party has any secrets that are difficult to tell!

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