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Yesterday was the day when Zhang Jiafu got married bvlgari b zero replica rings, and the family was too tired. Early the next morning, Zhang Ma got up early, refused to wash, pulled the hand of her daughter, carefully put a ring, and said sternly together: ‘Xiao Li, this ring will be handed over to you in the future.’ Xiaoli looked at her husband, and her husband smiled nodly. Zhang Jiafu knows what this ring represents, although it is not a heirloom, but it is also near the heirloom. It was the winter of 1937, when Zhang Jiafu’s grandfather’s dog’s egg was invaded by the Japanese army. As many people in the northeast entered the customs together, the hot dog’s time, the dog’s egg found a debilitated woman on the side of the road, leaning against the big tree. Sick, just like going over at any time. When the dog’s egg passed by her, she held the dog’s trousers tightly. The original egg of the dog is not worried. When the woman squats on her own, she turns her body into a powdery scum and a cold snow, and feeds her carefully. But then the stomach was full, and the woman was getting hotter and hotter. In this chaotic and uneasy era, I said that there is no money, even if there is money, I can definitely find a doctor! While the dog was in a hurry,

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he looked around and saw a yellowish thing in the grass not far away. The dog egg went over and saw it as a ring Fake Bvlgari Jewelry. The dog egg picked up the ring and carried the woman who had no knowledge of it to the market. It was lucky to find a fortune teller who would cure the disease. Under the care of medicine and dog eggs, the woman improved after a few days, and the ring was also given to the fortune teller as a medicine. After the illness, the two men went south together, just a few miles after the town, the dog egg heard someone calling for help, and a woman was swaying in the cold pond. The dog’s egg won’t swim, but he also bite into the water, and two people helped to rescue the woman. Brought to the fortune teller to take the medicine, only to know that this woman is the wife of the fortune teller who has not passed the door. As a reward, the fortune teller returned the ring of the money to the dog. This ring, which did not know gold and silver, became the dog’s egg and the woman’s sentimental token. After the marriage, the two were very affectionate. Soon after, they gave birth to a beloved son, Zhang Aiguo.

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