The body is covered with large and small diamonds

This Gymenz handbag with a special stitching and a delicate small lock is the focus. A woman with a GUMMER handbag may own Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Chanel, etc…. and a woman with a Hummer scarf will only love her girdle. Favor, rich colors, unique patterns, and legendary stories make people fascinated by sight and exudes the taste of the most pure and elegant women in Paris.

People will remember that in Hitchcock’s movie Whether it is Gary #. Iris, Jalyn No., Corton Gables, or even Kennedy, Grace Kelly is just a short-lived passer by them. She enjoys lyricism but doesn’t stop for them. She knows how to stay. After entering Monaco, this projectile country became a meeting place for stars of all kinds at night, especially the annual Rose Club held in March. It was also a social salon for European celebrities to attend.

The body is covered with large and small diamonds, and the giant diamond on the lock has 3 carats. Only the powerful women in the world can avoid “crashing” and customize their own personalized platinum. In the international movie theater, in the Nuo opera, it was not the appearance of a vase image, but a powerful and handsome martial arts role that subverted the traditional image of Ma Shi classic scarf is almost every good lady’s heart. The bright pearl of the rich man, she is not only beautiful, but also very temperament.

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